Police give breathalyzer tests outside Waldo bars

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - What's your drinking limit before you've had too much to drive? The Kansas City Police Department helped people find out Friday night in one of the city's most popular entertainment districts.

Officers administered breathalyzer tests to willing participants outside neighborhood bars in Waldo.

Police said it wasn't a setup -- they simply want people to know how much is too much. The legal limit is .08 blood alcohol concentration, but police say many people are too buzzed to drive well before that.

Tim Allen of Kansas City took the test after two beers and was surprised to blow a .022.

"I feel absolutely fine right now, but I guess the numbers don't lie," Allen said.

Police chose the Waldo area because they often conduct DUI checkpoints near 75th and Wornall. Sgt. Ron Podraza said he hopes people walk away with more understanding.

"Females drink less, but they get buzzed more and they don't understand that," Podraza said. "And the men, they just get going to the point where by the time it finally hits them, they're already out the door and in their car."

Police may hold similar demonstrations in the future depending on the outcome of Friday's event.

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