Police release Randy Stone murder case files, audio of eulogy given by Stone's killer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The information detectives found in an Independence murder investigation has been private, until now.

Because both suspects in Randy Stone's murder pleaded guilty to avoid trial, many of the facts and details of the case were initially kept sealed.

Randy's wife, Teresa Stone, was sentenced on Friday to eight years in state prison for conspiracy to commit first degree murder. That punishment was the last chapter in a very long book of an investigation.

On Monday, Independence police opened their case files to 41 Action News and KSHB.com. It includes one audio file and almost 2,000 pages of evidence.

Randy Stone was murdered at his insurance agency on March 31, 2010.

His eulogy was given by Pastor David Love, who later admitted to shooting and killing Stone. He was sentenced to life in prison for his part in the crime.

Click here to listen to the eulogy given at New Hope Baptist Church . This piece of evidence was handed over from police on Monday.

Teresa Stone received a text to a prepaid phone from Love just before arriving at her husband's office the day he was killed, which read, "URGENT: DO NOT GO TO THE OFFICE BY YOURSELF."

She went in anyway, and found her Randy dead inside.

Instead of calling 911 when she discovered the body, Teresa called her mother and told her he'd  been shot.

But when she did call police, she never mentioned a shooting. Teresa told dispatchers, "He's, he's been, he has blood coming from his ear," and that she believed Randy had possibly fallen.

First family, then police confirmed to media outlets that Teresa Stone and Love had a decade-long affair.

Police also found a love letter between the two of them ripped up in a trash can at the murder scene. There were odd letters written at the bottom that police discovered were code - like "MMT" for "Marry me, Teresa" and other things that were very sexual in nature.

During the sentencing on Friday, 41 Action News heard testimony from detectives that included letters where Stone and Love had planned to kill the 42 year old insurance agent. According to police, they had also planned on killing Love's wife by breaking her neck and making it look accidental.

In Love's first few hours behind bars, he called his wife, Kim Love. The collect call shows Kim Love's immediate suspicions. She knew about the affair. In that conversation, shown in the case file, she repeatedly asked her husband, "Did you do it?"

He wouldn't answer the question. Love knew the conversation was being recorded.

But what Kim Love didn't know was that Teresa Stone and David Love wanted her dead, too.

Teresa Stone came clean about the unfinished plan to a family friend pastor, David Trump, in West Virginia.

Police tapped Trump's phone because Teresa called him shortly after the murder. A later conversation between Trump and Teresa Stone helped connect the dots in the lethal love triangle. In that conversation, she explained the unfinished plan and her relationship with Love.

In her initial police interview, Teresa Stone didn't give any indication that she was having an affair. Detectives asked her more than once if she and her husband, Randy, were ever separated. She referenced a recent problem with pornography the couple worked through. Other than that, she painted a rosy picture of her more than 19-year marriage to Randy.

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