Police search home of Lisa Irwin and carry out two bags full of baby items

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Hours after blue eyed Lisa Irwin was last seen inside her crib, investigators carried out two bags full of what looked like baby items, possibly clothes.

Officers with K9 units and mounted patrol returned to the family's home around 7 Tuesday night.

They took the two bags of evidence and then left.

Neighbors said they are shocked that almost 24 hours after the 10-month-old was last seen, they have not found her.

"For the family, I know they just have to be heartbroken. I have a grandson and if that was my grandson missing, I know I'd be devastated. It gets harder esspecially with it getting dark; hope kind of dwindles," said Vickie Nichols.

But all day Tuesday, law enforcement commanded an intensive search. More than 100 police officers searched areas close to the couple's home. FBI agents knocked on neighbors' doors asking questions. Mounted patrol spent hours searching a wooded area a couple miles away and firefighters even joined the search.

Batallian Chief Randy Mullens explained, "An area that needed to be searched required firefighters to repel the steep cliff to look through the brush. There are areas that we are trying to canvas from below and areas where you cannot see and we are repelling down those areas."

Tuesday night, as more officers continued to search the family's home, the only bags seen being carried out of the home were the two bags full of baby items.

For neighbors, they need more answers.

"It's hard to believe that someone would just walk in and take a baby and leave really nothing behind with no trace," said Nichols.

She, along with law enforcement, hope someone will find something that can tell them where Lisa is.

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