Chase leads to arrest of suspect in carjacking of Kansas City cab, stabbing of driver

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Police have arrested a man they believe stabbed a cab driver Thursday night, and then took off with her taxi. The suspect was apprehended late Friday morning in Grandview after a high speed chase that started in Kansas City.

Checker Cab has GPS units in all of its cabs and around 10 a.m. Friday, the company picked up on the stolen vehicle near The Paseo and Brush Creek.

Checker Cab alerted Kansas City Police and officers located the vehicle. The driver fled, taking officers on a chase reaching 117 miles per hour.

The man ditched the car on the side of Frontage Road just off Interstate 49 (formerly 71 Highway) in Grandview. Police said the man took off on foot, but was quickly captured nearby.

Police believe the man stabbed the cab driver multiple times after a dispute about money near 52nd Terrace and Sycamore Avenue and then stole the car.

Craig Bates of Checker Cab said attacks on his drivers are increasingly rare due to GPS units in vehicles and because drivers carry less cash than in years past.

Bates said he spoke with the driver's family who said she will recover from her injuries.

Kansas City police not yet charged the man they arrested with any crime.

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