Police: Mom steals car, crashes it, tries to leave boy behind

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City police took a woman into custody Friday after they say they chased her in a stolen car with her child inside. After she crashed the car, witnesses say she tried to flee and leave her child behind.

Independence police said they were chasing the woman on Truman road in a stolen maroon Buick, but stopped the chase when they realized a child was inside the car. Kansas City police later spotted her on Truman road and started chasing the driver.

Jose Pirir just knows that this afternoon, he heard a large crash while sitting inside the tire shop where he is a manager on White Avenue and Truman Road. When he ran outside, he saw a car crashing through the fence of the car dealership next door. It smashed into several cars causing serious property damage.

"I came outside running and she was running out," said Pirir. He and another worker cornered her on the sidewalk until a police officer came moments later.

"The officer came in front of her and pointed the gun towards her and she dropped to the ground," said Pirir who was just happy he stepped in after seeing a a child in the car. Police said the child, 7, was the son of the driver.

"There was a little kid in there, first of all," said Pirir. "What kind of example is she putting for her kid? Plus she damaged everything here so she definitely had to stay."

Police said they took the boy back to his father.

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