Man killed in shooting in Mission office building parking lot

Killer, victim's brother, also dead

MISSION, Kan. - UPDATE: Body found in JoCo murder suspect search

A University of Kansas Hospital employee was shot and killed by his brother Thursday morning in the parking lot of the office building where he worked.

Todd Pruitt, 51, had only been working in IT for the University of Kansas Hospital for about six months -- but after what his co-workers saw today, he'll never be forgotten.

"Everybody's kind of shocked!" said Jill Chadwick, a spokesperson for University of Kansas Hospital.

Office workers could see it all through their windows. A man walked up to Todd as he got out of his car and shot him several times, killing him.

"We're absolutely saddened by this and sending counselors out," Chadwick said.

As police searched the scene for clues, witnesses described the getaway car, a stolen rental from Illinois.

And the shooter's cell phone led police to a wooded Kansas City park near I-435 & Holmes. It didn't take long to find him from the sky.

"The helicopter observed an individual laying next to the riverbed," said KCPD Officer Darrin Snapp.

Police say the shooter was dead. Police say the shooter was the victim's brother. Robert Pruitt, 58, came to a park by the Blue River to end his life after taking it away from Todd Pruitt.

Police still aren't saying why Robert might have done this, or why he would have gone to that park. The Merriam, Kan., resident would have had to drive 15 miles or so to get there.

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