Technology catching up with criminals and getting synthetic drugs off the streets

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - From months to minutes, Kansas City police call newly-designed field tests that can test for synthetic marijuana a major breakthrough in the war against synthetic drugs.

Now, city leaders are tweaking a city ordinance to make it easier for police to use the tests and issue tickets on the spot instead of having to rely on state law and make every case a state case.

"These stores that are selling this stuff better stop because enforcement is coming," City Councilman John Sharp said.

"I get calls every day from parents, aunts, kids who say 'Hey, I'm worried about my friend who is smoking this,'" Sergeant Brad Dumit said.

Dumit told members of the council Wednesday that $100,000 worth of synthetic marijuana had been taken during a regional raid a few weeks ago. Kansas City, Kan., police report at least 300,000 hits worth of the drug had been found and Independence police displayed the large amounts they found.

Sharp said a first draft of Kansas City's new ordinance just went to attorneys. Field tests, however, are already being used.

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