Teresa Stone's kids plead for mercy in court

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When Teresa Stone entered the courtroom Friday afternoon for her sentencing hearing, she showed little emotion. But that quickly changed when her two kids took the stand and asked the judge to "show mercy" when making his decision.

"I love my mom very much," 21-year-old Michael Stone said. "Over the past two years, we've grown amazingly close as a family. Me and my sister both need her very much."

Teresa hanged her head and sobbed uncontrollably as her 18-year-old daughter Miranda Stone spoke to the packed courtroom.

"Losing my dad was extremely hard, but losing my mom would be harder," Miranda said. "I depend on my mom for everything."

Jackson County Prosecutor Tammy Dickinson described Teresa differently.

"The woman has no sense of right or wrong," said Dickinson. "None whatsoever."

To illustrate Teresa's affair with David Love, the family's pastor who killed her husband, Randy Stone, Dickinson presented a love letter police found torn to pieces in Teresa's office trash can.

Police believe the letter was from Love.

"You are so precious to my heart. You posses the most tender spot in my heart," the letter stated. "I'm not in control of things yet, but when we are fully together, your birthdays will always be exciting."

The prosecutor also described Teresa's unusual behavior the night she found Randy's body.

"She walks over her dead husband's body to get a phone," Dickinson said. "Did she immediately call 911? Of course not."

Teresa had called her mother before calling police.

After the judge sentenced Teresa to eight years in prison, she was escorted out of the courthouse. With her hands cuffed and head down, she ended her day in court just like she started, showing little emotion.

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