Thief steals Belton man's truck, attempts to run over owner before hitting tree

Thief in critical condition

BELTON, Mo. - A Belton man was nearly run over by a thief driving his truck before watching it slam into a tree. The thief was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Marc Prier spent Friday morning salvaging items out of his mangled truck following a night that almost cost him his life. Prier was asleep when he heard the sound of his truck's door closing just after midnight. When he walked outside, he saw a strange man driving his truck.

Once the thief saw him, he drove towards him.

"When the lights come on, the truck started and he just floored it straight at me," Prier said.

Prier jumped out of the way before being hit, and watched as the thief took off. Prier and his brother jumped in another vehicle and followed the thief. In a matter of minutes, a police officer started chasing the thief, and the thief lost control.

"We got him going up 58 here and he met a cop and he turned right and hit a tree. It's destroyed. They cut the top off the doors off," Prier said.

The suspect had to be cut from the truck. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Prier did not want to talk about the suspect's life-threatening injuries.

"I'll just tell you this, I'm a farm boy, and that's all it is to say. An eye for an eye," Prier said.

To get access to his wrecked truck and his personal items inside, Prier had to either pay a $175 tow fee or  sign over his title. He signed away his truck. He's now has no transportation to get to work.

Belton police have not updated the condition of the suspect.

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