Thieves put local DJ out of business

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. - Over the weekend, thieves put one Kansas City DJ out of business, stealing thousands of dollars in equipment.

Lolly Manakul noticed his laptop, speakers and lighting were all missing, all worth around $7,000, and two of his car windows busted out. When you include the music on his laptop alone, add in another $10,000.

He parked his car at his girlfriend's apartment at Park South Apartments around 1 a.m. Sunday after DJing a birthday party nearby.

Police couldn't pull any of the fingerprints from his car and the complex doesn't have any surveillance cameras, which leaves him only to speculate.

"I've heard so many different stories. I've heard everything from it's somebody that I know to it's somebody that scopes out the place," he said.

His home insurance won't cover it because he wasn't at home at the time. His auto insurance won't cover the damages either.

"My auto insurance does not cover it due to the fact that it's stolen property. They told me if they were to cover it, my entire vehicle would have to have been stolen," he said.

Manakul plans to get his car's windows replaced soon. As for his equipment, he will borrow his brother's while he rebuilds his business.

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