Thieves stole thousands of dollars' worth of items from family at Schlitterbahn

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A family lost thousands of dollars’ worth of items during a trip to Schlitterbahn after someone snatched their belongings.

They've realized they weren't the only victims of theft.

Jochen San Martin and her family left their belongings on a picnic table at the park while they went inside the wave pool.

They found a little less than $2500 worth of items missing when they returned.

"We were so frustrated. Nothing like this had ever happened to us,” " Maria Sosa said.

Police told Sosa they couldn't help until she filed a police report, so she borrowed a cellphone and took matters into her own hands.

Sosa and her husband used a cellphone app to track their phones. They found their phones more than two miles away at The Legends Shopping Center where they also found the potential thieves.

"My initial reaction was to grab our things out of the car and we figured they would stop or return them, but they didn't. They just took off," Sosa said. 

Sosa snatched a picture of the car's license plate. She also filed a police report. According to police reports obtained by 41 Action News, at least three others had similar items stolen at the park that same day.

KCK police said they'll hand over the reports to a detective. In the meantime, Maria and her daughter aren't giving up on their own search.

"I'm hoping, you know," San Martin said, “they catch the jerks and hopefully we get our stuff back. I mean I doubt it, but there's always hope."

Schlitterbahn had no comment about the thefts.

According to KCK police, similar thefts around the area have gone down by 17 percent during the last two weeks. 

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