Thieves target Raytown BMX shop

RAYTOWN, Mo. - Police are looking for 14 bikes stolen from Raytown BMX on Frost Road over the June 7-8 weekend.

The bikes, worth about $3,000, were loaners which are given out to children who want to try BMX racing for the first time or who don’t have the money to buy their own.

The organization is trying to increase interest in BMX racing. They now worry without loaners there will be no way to get some to stick with the sport. Furthermore, with a race this Thursday, some kids will be out of luck.

“We have a couple bikes, but there will be kids showing up tomorrow that won’t have bikes to use,” Scott Morrow with Raytown BMX said.

So far, Raytown BMX has received one bike donation but they still need a lot more. They’re asking for not only bikes, but parts and frames.

In the meantime, police are looking for the stolen bikes on the streets and online.

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