Three shot with high-powered weapons near gas stations

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City police say gunmen shot three people Saturday night all near gas stations using “high-powered weapons,” most likely a BB gun.

One woman was outside the convenience store near 27th and Brooklyn when she was shot. She had to go to the hospital to have the pellet removed from her arm.

The shooters also targeted gas stations at Truman Road and the Paseo and Prospect near 71 Highway.

The gunmen didn’t hit property, they aimed for people.

Don Pind uses BB guns at Show Me Shooters gun range for training purposes.

“Any firearm, I don't care what it is, what it shoots, the kids should have some sort of training and know better than to shoot it at someone,” Pind said.

He said BB guns aren’t your toy guns that only fire 100 feet per second.

“Some of the better guns that you can find today will have velocities of over 1,000 feet per second which are rivaling the 22 long rifles which companies build today. They will do bodily damage along with property damage at long distances,” he said.

Even at 20 yards away, Pind said these pellets can penetrate skin easily and at close range, can even break bone.

Police are treating the incident as an aggravated assault.

The suspects may be in a newer model brown SUV or a white Chevy Impala. If you have any information, please call the tips hotline at 816-474-TIPS.

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