Three Oak Grove men accused of buying fireworks with counterfeit money in Riverside

RIVERSIDE, Mo. - Three men are accused of buying fireworks with counterfeit bills in the Kansas City area.

On Wednesday, June 25, police said they visited Red X fireworks stand in Riverside, Mo., and purchased an unknown amount of fireworks using counterfeit bills. The workers didn’t realize the bills were counterfeit until after the men left.

The next day the men reportedly visited another fireworks tent. The police were alerted.

Riverside police have arrested Louis Taylor, 54, Chance Lawson, 20, and Brendan Thomas, 22, all of Oak Grove, Mo. They were turned over to the Secret Service, which handles counterfeit money cases.

"We've got the flashlight, we've got the pens we've got everything to do it --just got to take that time to do it each and every time," the stand's owner Zeke Young said.

Since the incident, cashiers are trained to keep a watchful eye on all transactions.

“It kind of wakes you up and have your guard--be on guard," Young said.

Similar incidents with fake money have popped up in recent weeks. A man holding a garage sale on June 20 said he received a fake $100 bill from two women. On June 21, the man said he received another fake $100 bill from a man at the garage sale.

Last week, Kansas City police warned people hosting garage sales of buyers using counterfeit money in multiple incidents. They advise people running cash businesses to check bills using a variety of measures, including a counterfeit bill detection pen.

There are a few ways to detect a counterfeit bill. Here’s a video from the Windsor Star in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, that features a police staff sergeant discussing ways to spot a fake bill.

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