Woman claims 'Raytown Romeo' conned her out of $9,000, back to his old tricks

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City woman is speaking out in the hopes of preventing other women from falling victim to the man once known as the “Raytown Romeo,” who she said conned her out of more than $9,000 over the last two years.

The woman asked 41 Action News to disguise her identity so she could speak freely about Ryan Blevins, who she said charmed her out of loan after loan over several years, promising to pay her back for thousands of dollars in cash he claimed to need for rent, daycare and even electronics.

“When he first asked me I kind of, you know, hesitated. Then he said it was for his daughter,” the woman said on Thursday of the first $400 she lent Blevins. “He needed it for his daughter's daycare or she'd be kicked out. I didn't want his daughter to have no one to take care of her.”

Blevins has a long history of running so-called “Romeo scams.” He would date women briefly then ask for loans or for them to cash checks for him which would subsequently bounce. Then, he would disappear.

In 2004 he pleaded guilty to defrauding 22 women to the tune of more than $90,000. He spent time in federal prison and was given five years of probation.

In 2009, he struck a plea deal again, after prosecutors accused him of taking thousands of dollars from two more women. He remains on probation for that offense.

“I thought he had changed and that he wouldn't go back to his old ways, but he has,” explained the woman, who still gave money to Blevins despite knowing his history.

Blue Springs police, who were among several departments which investigated Blevins in the past, say they have assigned a detective to look into the woman’s claims. She believes there may be more victims and urged them to speak out and keep their distance from Blevins, who now lives in Lee’s Summit. Kansas City and Raytown police say they have not yet received any similar complaints.

“He needs to pay for his consequences again, until he can learn this isn't right,” she said. “He needs to grow up and be responsible for himself and not expect everyone else to do it for him.”

No one answered the door at Blevins home in Lee’s Summit on Thursday evening. 41 Action News reached Blevins by phone later in the evening and explained the accusations made against him.

“No sir, and I’m not going to take this call,” Blevins said, then hung up. He did not return further calls requesting comment. 

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