Woman foils man's attempt to kidnap her in a Grandview neighborhood

Police search for attempted abductor

GRANDVIEW, Mo. - A Grandview woman foiled a man's attempt to kidnap her by jumping from the man's car as he tried to bolt from her apartment complex Friday night.

Grandview Police say the incident occurred about 11:20 p.m. at the Greenfield Village Townhomes in the 6000 block of East 129th Street.

The victim was returning to her home when she passed a man on the sidewalk. She didn't think much of it, until the man grabbed her. The suspect then dragged the woman into his car and tried to drive off.

The woman managed to grab the door handle and jump from the moving car, according to police.

She suffered minor bumps and bruises.

The suspect then got lost in the apartment complex and found himself trapped on several dead end streets, allowing the victim and her neighbors enough time to write down his license plate number.

The suspect is a man in his early 30s, short with a thin build.

He is balding, but has black hair on both sides of his head, police said.

The man drove a burgundy, four-door car with Missouri license tag HF0-T4Y.

Anyone with information about the man or the incident should call the TIPS Hotline, 474-TIPS.

A self defense instructor says the victim did everything right in this case. While in few situations it may be best to cooperate, such as if you're outnumbered, it is always best to fight back if the attack is sexually motivated.

According to the instructor, the most important thing to do if someone is trying to force you into a vehicle is to fight at all costs. If your attacker is able to get you inside, your chance of escape or survival is dramatically reduced.

You can use your arms and legs to jam yourself in the car's doorway if someone is trying to push you into the car. If possible, try to keep your head outside and above the car and scream. This makes it harder to push you in, and could alert passersby that something is wrong.

If you're forced into a vehicle, open the door and get out if you can. If you can't get out of the vehicle, try to jam something into the ignition cylinder before the abductor inserts the key into the ignition, or pull the key out of the ignition, and throw them out the window and/or jam something in. A button off your clothes, a piece of metal, a stick, or the bubble gum in your mouth can all effectively prevent the abductor from reinserting the key and starting the vehicle. If nothing else will work, put the key halfway in the switch and bend or break it off.

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