Woman left with shattered bones after thieves try to steal her purse

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A weekend trip to an area shopping center has left 66-year-old Cathy chained to a hospital bed for the last four days.  Last Saturday, the Northland grandmother was knocked to the ground after two thieves stole her purse in the Sears parking lot on Antioch Road.

"I was walking toward my car with my shoulder purse and I felt a little tug on the purse on the back and so I turned around to see if it was someone I knew," Cathy said.

She hoped it was a friend trying to get her attention. Instead, it was two dangerous strangers who were out to steal her purse at any cost.

"I noticed that they had full black masks on and I looked them right in eye. I could tell they were speeding up very fast and they went and grabbed hold of it in two hands," she said.

When the thieves sped off with her purse, Cathy had fallen face first into the asphalt. With broken bones in a cold parking lot, Cathy waited for help.

"There were two automobiles that drove by me looked right at me and just drove right by me," she said.

Thankfully, after an hour, a young woman pulled up beside her to call police.

"She said I will not leave you until they come and I couldn't get her to leave. She stood the entire time."

Cathy hopes police find the two men who left her in excruciating pain.

"I definitely think that they need to be brought to justice so that they can learn that they can't get by with this and they don't harm someone else in the future," she said.

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