41 Action News viewers help push Kansas City classroom fundraising project over the top

iPad fundraising goal reached in 20 minutes

Thanks, everybody. You stepped up.

Before the end of Monday evening's newscast, you helped a KCMO teacher enhance her teaching ability by supporting her goal of purchasing two iPads for her kindergarten class - as well as strong warranties to help keep them working in the hands of elementary school students.

At 10:04 p.m., Garrett Haake profiled one teacher's crowdfunding request on DonorsChoose, and within 20 minutes, the rest of the $900 needed to purchase two iPads for her class had been donated by you.

Because of that outpouring of support, we wanted to make sure you saw other projects in the Kansas City area . You can give $1, fund the projects yourselves, or donate anything in between.

  • Were you in the band? Did it help you develop friendships and life skills? Then consider Mrs. Gregory's campaign in Independence, Mo., to purchase lights for her band practices .
  • Were you a student who dove into the classics of English literature? Maybe Ms. Manges' efforts to organize a library for her foreign language immersion students at the Foreign Language Academy in KCMO.
  • Do you like to kick back in your favorite chair and catch up on your reading? Mrs. Bode at T.A. Edison Elementary in KCK wants to make her kindergarten students more comfortable while they get started on their reading . Her project would get chairs, pillows and a couch to let her kindergarteners sit with their favorite stuffed animal and read. 

Some projects need $200 while others need $2,000. The benefit is, you get to choose which project to support. I picked a few to highlight at random, but if you've been looking for an opportunity to give back, you can find your school down the block or the one across the city trying to replicate the education you had growing up.

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