94-year-old school volunteer just keeps going

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - For Mrs. Neis' fourth grade class at John Diemer Elementary School in Overland Park, science is best learned through experimentation. Their lessons are often led by veteran volunteer Clark Fisher.

Monday morning, students found themselves on both ends of a plank of wood, learning about balance.

"It surprised me that he wants to work with rowdy kids like us," said student Mira Garten.

Mr. Fisher's age is more surprising to the nine and 10-year-old students. He's 94 years old and will turn 95 in January.

Over the past 22 years, he's worked with hundreds of Shawnee Mission students.

"Solving an algebraic equation is just like solving a mystery. It's fun," Fisher said.

His knowledge comes from 37 years in engineering at TWA. Fisher's professional background brings a real-life approach to his teaching technique.

But Fisher said he is also learning.

"They're always putting me on the spot with some crazy kind of question I've got to dig the answer out for," he said.

That's why he keeps coming back. Fisher said he wants to stay busy.

"I think that if he can do this for multiple more years, then it'll be fun," said student Paul Brandt.

Fisher said he hopes to continue volunteering two or three days a week for as long as possible.

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