KCPS family reacts to finalized plan to fix district

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Angelynn Howell has two children in Kansas City Public Schools.  Her children’s education and their futures depend, in large part, on the success of the district. After hearing recommendations from the Missouri State Board of Education, Howell offered her own thoughts on what needs to happen for KCPS to regain accreditation.

Consistency is a key element Howell believes will help turn around the district.

"I remember between 2005 and 2007, the district had three different reading programs because there were three superintendents," she said.

Howell believes parents need to get more involved with their children's education. She also thinks it's time to get rid of the MAP test and replace it with a test that is more in-tune with the life and learning experiences of children living in the urban core.

"The MAP test is not a true judgment of what our students are learning or what they know," Howell said.

Howell admitted KCPS faces some tough challenges with fluctuating student attendance and some students who are living in poverty and unable to have basic necessities like enough food and a place to live.

Howell's 12-year-old son Gabriel attends Lincoln College Prep Academy.  Even though it's in the unaccredited KCPS district, Lincoln Prep is accredited because its students have high test scores and a high graduation rate as well as rate of number of graduates that go to college.

Howell believes Lincoln Prep is successful because teachers and administrators set high expectations for students. She wants KCPS teachers and administrators to set the same high expectations.

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