Belton School District increases security following Newtown massacre

BELTON, Mo. - Thursday was the first day back in school for Sandy Hook students in Newtown, Conn. More than 400 students attended classes at the refurbished middle school in nearby Monroe.

Counselors were on hand to help students and staff members cope with their emotions. Police were on school grounds Thursday to provide extra security.

At least one local school is also stepping up security following the tragedy at Sandy Hook.

On Thursday, Belton School District officials beefed up security throughout the district.

"We're locking down the building, and we're having actual individuals be monitors at the doors," said Deputy Superintendent Dr. Kirby Hall.

The district is also ordering camera security systems to install at the entrances of every building at the district.

Five years ago the district installed one camera security system outside of the BOSCO building.

Staff members must have a key to get in. Visitors are screened and they must show their identification to get in the building.

"It won't prevent everything but what it will do is be delay entry and give us control of who comes in. We can identify the person and find out what their business is, and then allow them to come in. It gives us much more security that way," said Hall.

The district plans to finish installing the cameras within the next six weeks.

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