Church prays for SWECC rape victim and the community

KANSAS CITY, Mo - More than two dozen people gathered at the Wornall Road Baptist Church on Saturday night to pray for members of the Southwest Early College Campus community.

The principal and other from Southwest were attendance.

Problems have plagued the school since it combined with Westport High School in August 2010.

During the first month, police were called here 50 times.

A year later, surveillance cameras were installed. But a 41 Action News investigation found that those cameras weren't working when two students raped a girl this past August.

Then this week, a 14-year old girl with autism says she was raped several times by a student while another served as a lookout. Those two students were charged on Friday.

Multiple principals have resigned from the school as well.

However, members of the church said community cannot give up on the school.

"People of faith have to come together and have to say this is a bigger problem than an old big building,” Pastor John Mark Clifton with the Wornall Road Baptist Church said. “This is bigger than the school system that perhaps isn't run properly. Maybe those are, but there is bigger problem; there is spiritual problem."

Six members from the school are on administrative leave, pending the results of the investigation regarding the latest rape allegations.

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