DESE releases plan for unaccredited schools

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - The Missouri State Education Commissioner released her plan to save unaccredited school districts in the state Tuesday. Unfortunately, the plan does not save Kansas City Public Schools. 

According to the five-tier system, KCPS still falls short of accreditation. 

The board did consider all seven proposals and said they took the best parts from each one to create the final draft. 

"Every one of those plans was reviewed carefully and I think we looked carefully at all those ideas and one of the things he came through loud and clear from many of them was this notion of early intervention and we certainly agree with that," Education Commissioner Dr. Chris Nicastro said.

"First reaction, amazing piece of homework was done in eight days by the staff in the commissioner to make this happen," Board President Peter Herschend said. 

When asked about the transfer situation, Dr. Nicastro said it’s a separate issue.

“It's one that allows for parents in unaccredited districts to transfer their children and until that changes that will remain in place," she said.

DESE will hold public hearings to get comments on this plan around the state. A final decision is expected sometime this spring.

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