Central Academy of Excellence to keep new name despite procedural lapse

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City high school is going to keep its new name, even though the district didn't follow proper procedure.

In July 2012, the board of directors for Kansas City Public Schools changed the name of Center High School to Central Academy of Excellence.

Some community members didn't know about the change because it was not formally announced in a public meeting.

According to a news release given to 41 Action News from the Kansas City Public Schools, that was a violation of policy.

"The name change was previously approved by the KCPS Board of Directors ... However, Board police requires a wide range of community input."

On Tuesday night, the KCPS advisory committee took the opportunity to get that input -- but announced to the public that the name change was staying regardless.

While community members came out to voice their opinion on the switch, the decision had already been made back in July.

"You've got a community that may or may not have been informed of the changes. And you've got an administrative process that wants to fledge ahead and take care of business," Dr. J. Anthony Snorgrass of Avila University said.

The board of directors changed the name so the school could get a fresh start from past negativity.

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