Families weigh transfer options as KCPS struggles to gain accreditation

KANSAS CITY, MO - With Kansas City Public Schools unable to move the needle enough to regain accreditation status from the state, many families are strongly considering taking their children outside of district lines.

Malika Sterling has a son who is a sophomore at Lincoln High school. In two years he'll be heading to college and she fears the status of the Kansas City Public Schools district will make it difficult for him to get there.

"How could a district not be accredited, what does that mean for my child who I'm putting in school from kindergarten through 12th grade. What is going to be their future?" she questioned.

On Tuesday the Missouri State Board of Education said the district's progress was not enough to grant provisional accreditation,  deciding to take no action on the district's request. The decision opened the door for families to consider other options.

The Missouri Supreme Court is expected to make a decision soon on the transfer law that would allow students to leave the Kansas City Public Schools District and attended a nearby accredited district.

Some district parents, like Ed Williams, said that would drain Kansas City neighborhoods of the bright minds the city needs.

"I know people want what's best for their children, but it's kind of selfish, it's what's good for their kids not what's good for their community. Sending her to another school is only helping that community," he said.

Williams wants his daughter, Trinity, and his neighborhood to flourish. As a freshman at Paseo High School she says she's not ready to give up

"I think we should stay in the school district that we're in and try to raise our test scores because it really doesn't make sense for us to go to different schools," she said.

The court could make their decision on the transfer law by the end of 2013.

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