Former Hickman Mills board president says she'll take responsibility for her part in audit

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two names at the center of a lengthy audit sat down with 41 Action News to talk about the audit that slammed the Hickman Mill School District: Bonnaye Mims, Hickman Mills School Board president until 2012 and her successor, Breman Anderson.

When 41 Action News pressed them for answers, neither one thought they were doing anything wrong at the time.

One of the many findings from the report shows $5,000 was used to sponsor the KC Black Expo, a job fair. The money spent would have gone to children of low income families in the district.

"Did not know anything about it. If I had known about it, there would have been a reprimand for that. I have to tell you that because I don't play with money, my own money, but nobody else’s money,” Mims said.

A trip to Boston cost the district $3,000 per person. Mims recorded only attending two sessions, but said she actually attended seven.

"There were several things that weren't added in there and I'm ok with that," she said.

Anderson was on a trip too; his trip to San Diego cost $2,000 a person. The report shows he only attended three hours of training.

"Shortly after arrival, I got a little sick. So I missed a little bit," Anderson said.

Both Mims and Anderson said they would take responsibility for their part in the audit.

"I always made sure that what I knew was out in front of our tax payers. What I didn’t know, then I'll make sure they know it just like I'm learning it," Mims said.

Both are running for re-election.

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