Hickman Mill Superintendent: Safety protocol was followed during reported attack involving parent

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Hickman Mills School District Superintendent Dr. Dennis Carpenter says every safety protocol was followed during last Thursday's reported attack where a parent allegedly assaulted her son's kindergarten teacher in a classroom at Truman Elementary School.

Police say Simone Baker showed up at the school after her 6-year-old son told her that his teacher scratched his neck.

According to the police report, Baker made her way to the teacher's classroom where she punched the teacher, pulled her out of her chair by her hair and smashed her head into a file cabinet before running off.

Dr. Carpenter said the teacher and principal did everything they could to stop this.

They called Baker on the phone, asked her not to come and to setup an appointment for the following day, Dr. Carpenter explained.

But, Baker showed up anyway and was able to enter the building while another student was leaving.

Carpenter said the principal confronted Baker at the entrance and brought her into her office, but that's when Baker left the principal's office and sprinted towards the teacher's classroom.

"She was determined," Carpenter said. "She was determined to do the wrong thing."

Baker was cited for inflicting bodily injuries. Her son has recanted his story about his teacher scratching his neck. He has since been moved to a different classroom.

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