Hickman Mills district board member says audit findings are not surprising

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Current vice president of the Hickman Mills School District Board of Education, Dan Osman, spoke out Wednesday, a day after the district received a “fair” rating in an audit released by state auditor Tom Schweich.

The auditor's report points to the 2011-2012 school year when Breman Anderson was board president and calls out the district for a multitude of offenses including spending thousand on expenditures that were unnecessary and failing to seek bids and obtain written contracts.

Osman said since last May, the district knew about the audit and reorganized the board to try and correct some of the problems.

"That was part of the reason why I'm now the vice president of the district," Osman said.

Anderson, the man at the center of the more than year-long investigation, could not be reached Tuesday and was absent from the meeting when the audit was released. When we tried to reach him at home, we were given his cell phone number by someone at the residence. After calling the number though, the voicemail box was full and he did not answer.

Anderson was re-assigned from his position as president to director, according to Osman.

Osman went on to say he himself had filed a sunshine request to find out about contracts not in the business office.

“I contacted Breman and said, ‘I need to find this information out,’ and he wouldn't provide this to me," he said. “I wanted to know what was going on in my district and I wasn't being given the information I needed to make the appropriate decisions."

Anderson will remain on the board until elections this April.

“I work with Breman as best I can but oftentimes we have serious philosophical differences as to what direction the district should take," Osman said.

Although the audit did cite things the district was doing unlawfully, the board's attorney said that is different than criminal findings and so far does not expect a criminal investigation.

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