KCPS hopes student laptops will put district on road to reaccreditation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - While the Kansas City Public School district fights to keep students in their classrooms, school leaders have released updated plans to boost student achievement.

In January, students at East High School, African Centered Preparatory Academy and Northeast High school will be getting laptops to help transform their learning experience. The district hopes this will keep them on track to accreditation and keep students in the district come fall.

Richard Fisher III, an 8th grade student at Lincoln College Prep was part of the first group of students who received the laptops in the fall.

"I think the laptops are better than textbooks because like I said, I think it's more up to date and with the laptops you can have calculators and things like that," he said.

Richard and nearly 1,500 other students have received laptops as part of the districts one-to-one digital learning program. Only 900 students have been able to take them home.

"This is preparing them for the next step," Assistant Superintendent of Elementary and Secondary Education Dr. Elizabeth Ann Sanders said. 

The laptops are expected to improve digital literacy and put the district on track to accreditation

"Attendance looks like it's being positively impacted, behavior looks like it is, along with the most important thing, achievement," Sanders said.

Demonstrating student achievement could also help them in their recent fight to amend the student transfer law to keep families and students in Kansas City.

"It is a tool it is one component of what you hear Dr. Green call our full court press and that's that relentless focus on student achievement," she said.

In the meantime, students like Richard say the laptops provide him with a new world of resources.

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