Kindergartner recants story that led to parent assaulting teacher in KC classroom

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - 41 Action News has learned that the child who told disturbing details about his Hickman Mills school teacher that led to his mother attacking the teacher has now apparently recanted his story, according to the Kansas City, Mo. School District.

On Thursday police said a parent assaulted the teacher in a classroom after the child said the teacher scratched him earlier in the day. The child is a kindergartner at the Harry S. Truman elementary school.

Police reports note the parent hit the teacher five to ten times while she held down the teacher's arm.

STORY | Police: KCMO teacher assaulted -

The district said when police questioned the kindergartner Friday with the principal in the room, the child changed his story and said the scratch from his teacher never happened.

The district will now decide if the child will be moved from that classroom.

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