Flu outbreak in Lone Jack pushes up start of Thanksgiving Break

LONE JACK, Mo. -  The Thanksgiving break in Jone Jack C-6 schools got off to an early start as district officials closed all buildings to try to prevent more students from getting the flu.

Over the last two weeks, the district has "fought, what seems to this point to be, a losing battle against the spread of the illness," Superintendent Bryan Prewitt said in a letter to parents announcing the extra two days of the holiday break.

Janitors have been working hard to sanitize the buildings, Prewitt said, but to no avail.

"In an effort to stop the spread of this illness, we will be closing our schools for Monday and Tuesday of next week," he said in the letter. "This will extend the Thanksgiving break and provide a nine day period in which our buildings can be vacant."

All district activities and the daycare program are also canceled on Monday and Tuesday.

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