Missouri State Board of Education expected to pick plan for unaccredited school districts

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In less than 24 hours, we could learn the future of Kansas City Public Schools. Seven potential plans could be narrowed down to one; the plans range on how to fix unaccredited schools in Kansas City and across the state.

What we know is that the decision could come down to one of the seven proposals or a combination. Kansas City Public Schools is only one of a handful of unaccredited districts in Missouri.

"In some senses we keep an eye on that, but we're not preoccupied with it to the point we lose track of where we need to be and what we need to achieve," Superintendent Dr. Stephen Green said.

Dr. Green is more focused on building on the gains in student test scores the district continues to make to achieve full accreditation.

One of the other proposals comes from CEE-Trust which just updated its proposal and released this letter to KCPS teachers saying class sizes would shrink and they would be paid 20 percent more under its plan.

"We think that teachers deserve to be treated like professionals," Ethan Gray said, CEE-Trust CEO. "We hope that the state board will give our plan a full consideration and we look forward to hearing how they decide to move forward."
We'll be in Jefferson City Tuesday morning when the announcement comes down.

"We're prepared either way. My goal as the superintendent of the Kansas City Public Schools is to make sure we don't deviate, that we stay on course to make sure that our scores turnout and our students continue to receive an improving educational experience." Dr. Green said.

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