Missouri State Board of Education finalizes plan for unaccredited districts

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City, Mo., School District is one step closer to figuring out what its accreditation future looks like.  The Missouri State Board of Education finalized its plan to fix unaccredited districts.

The new plan is a guideline to be used to manage education for all children across the state.  The plan also includes the option for individualized plans similar to the one KCPS is already on.

The district is months away from possibly jumping from the bottom of the new tier system to closer to the top.

KCPS Superintendent Dr. Stephen Green said it doesn't change the district's course of action.

"Right now our APR says we should be provisionally accredited yet are classification is unaccredited," Dr. Greens aid.

The only challenge for KCPS is the student transfer law already in effect.

"We respect the political process and it has to run its course but right now my focus is to make sure we don't get caught up in that and lose our focus,” Dr. Green said.

Also concerned students. Three student members of Camp Fire were part of an event earlier this month with Education Commissioner Dr. Chris Nicastro where they presented their ideas to improve the district.

They decided to give up a day of their spring break to travel to Jefferson City to see the process first hand.

"I think they listen to us a lot because some of the things that we brought up they brought up,” Camp Fire member Britnee said.

The State Board of Education adopted the school improvement program which it says will be about early intervention and prevention to keep districts accredited. 

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