Mizzou 'emergency beacons' a new way to warn students

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Like many colleges, the University of Missouri already has dozens of emergency stations around campus where students can press a button for help. Now, a new type of emergency station will use lights and sirens to warn everyone on campus.

They look like thermostats, but Mizzou's new "emergency beacons" play a much more important role. Right now, crews are installing 225 of the wall units at busy spots around campus.

Campus Facilities spokesperson Karlan Seville said they are designed to provide more warning during all types of emergencies.

"Our system ties into the National Weather Service data, so if there is a weather event, it would automatically pick that up," Seville said.

The system can also be used during a violent situation. Campus officials can manually type in a warning and activate the beacons so students can get to safety.

The system will be online by the time students arrive this fall. Seville said the university plans to expand the system in the future.

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