New, negative campaign mailers targeting KCPS school board candidate

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Just hours before voters headed to the polls, new negative campaign mailers are impacting school board races here in Kansas City.

On Sunday, we told you about mailers attacking three candidates in the Hickman Mills School District. Monday, a Kansas City School Board candidate was the target of a similar ad.

This is the second time in a year mailers like this have shown up in mailboxes across the metro for a school board race. Joseph Jackson is the latest target; he is running for a second term for the Kansas City School Board.

The mailer is full of allegations that he voted to expel a student for bringing a plastic utensil to school to try and initiate a physical fight at a neighborhood meeting. He calls the allegations lies.

Jackson though isn't surprised he is a target since he is close to the Hickman Mills candidates at the center of their own smear campaign.
"That means it's most likely the same people, the same organization and mostly likely the same printing company," Jackson said. "It was just par for the course, the same type of antics and childish behavior from those types of organizations that are looking to control the school board."

The name printed in the corner is not a legitimate organization. All the mailings have the same printing permit code “115” out of Liberty. That number is connected to Action Mailing also out of Liberty.

The owner said they print all kinds of campaign materials. He also said an ad agency creates the mailers then hires his company. But he would not tell us if there is just one agency or multiple agencies connected to these mailers.
Melissa Robinson is Jackson's opponent. Her campaign mailers have the same permit code. She declined an on-camera interview, but instead sent the following statement:

"I have no connection with any negative campaigning, specifically mailings regarding candidates for public office.  My Treasurer can confirm I have not paid for nor authorized any payments for any negative campaigning.   I denounce any negative campaign attacks, strategies and tactics."

Even though Jackson still doesn't know who is behind the mailer he is considering filing an ethics complaint over it.

"Cowardly pieces of material like this do nothing but damage our district," Jackson said.

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