New plan to keep Hope Academy's doors open

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Hope Academy is exactly three months away from losing its charter. The new plan would keep the curriculum but drop the charter and make it a contract school.

The school board has spent the last couple months scrambling to keep the school open for the 277 students who need an alternative to the traditional school setting.

Hope Academy brought in new leadership including a new superintendent.

The Attorney for Hope Academy, Dana Cutler, said the new leadership is working and test scores are up.

The new board put its Paseo location up for sale and consolidated to its Bennington Avenue campus.

UMKC notified Hope Academy in December it was ending its sponsorship based on academic performance.

Director of the UMKC Charter School Center Dr. Phyllis Chase released a statement saying the process to close the charter is underway.

"This process includes securing student records, inventorying equipment and supplies, and transferring personnel records. While the Center and the State move forward with closure activities, we do continue to hear of intentions of the Hope Academy Board to reinvent the school as a 'contract' school."

Cutler confirms that.

She said becoming a contract school means districts would pay for the students’ education instead of receiving funds from Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Hope Academy is expecting to become a contract school on July 1, which means high risk students could still have a place to go to school this fall. 

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