Parents concerned about school safety after student caught with gun

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Many Hickman Mills Junior High parents are outraged after a student was caught with a gun at school on Friday morning.

The district said a student in class saw the gun and texted a parent around 10 a.m. Friday. Principal Tracy McClain was notified and, according to the district, put that classroom on lockdown. School resource officers searched backpacks and found the weapon in a female student's bag. 

"The boy was flashing the gun so people would supposedly be scared. So he passed it to this girl and the girl kept it," student Aron Dimond said.

Parents we spoke with raised some serious questions about the school's safety.

"This is real. This is serious. This is life or death not only for the students, but for the staff," mother Melissa Brown said.

"I'm scared. I'm scared. My children are my life," said Michelle Dimond.

Parents also raised concerns about the metal detectors at the school and if they're being used properly.

"The fact that we have metal detectors that are obviously not in use when someone can when someone can walk through with gun is scary," said Brown.

When 41 Action News asked the district spokesperson about the detectors, Ebony Walker said "They are manned every day. Each student has to walk through, sometimes we use a wand and make sure they don't have anything in their backpack." .

The school sent a letter home with students that stressed the message that anyone caught with a gun will be suspended for 10 days and would then be referred to the Superintendent of schools for further disciplinary action. 

Two students have been arrested in the incident.

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