Parents fight for better education in Midtown KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Families in Midtown are fighting for a better education option for their kids. This week, parents are looking for teachers and administrators to put in the classrooms of their dream school.

In June, a group of parents formed the Midtown School Initiative and drafted a vision for the school they want to see in their community. Now, they need proposals from local educators hoping to be part of the new school. 

"The question that everyone hears in Midtown is, ‘What are you doing about schools?' and we're saying no, we need to ask the question, "What are we doing about schools?'" Andrew Johnson, a core member of the Midtown Schools Initiative said.

Johnson and other young parents are worried about the quality of their children's education. But, they're not flocking to the suburbs to find a solution. They're building a brighter future in their backyard.

Kristin, Littrell, another core member of the Midtown School Initiative wants a public school her little girls can walk to and, like many other families, she wants the neighborhood school to reflect the community.

"We live in a really diverse dynamic world and we want our kids from a young age to know that and be a part of that to understand how to interact with people who are like them and people who are different than them," Littrell said.

The proposals are due by November 8. The Midtown School Initiative hopes to review the proposals by December.

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