VIDEO: KCK high school students protest over graduation fees

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Students at Washington High School in Kansas City, Kan., passed out letters in protest of a change in an annual fee seniors pay for graduation activities.

A district spokesperson admitted there was a lack of communication between Washington High School School leaders and the senior class as to how the $50 senior fee was going to be used this year.

Dozens of students, both seniors and underclassmen, protested inside and outside the school Friday morning. School leaders called KCK police as a precaution.

"We are not trying to rebel against the school it's just that we felt like we needed to be treated fairly like the other classes have," said Senior Carol Saenz.

The principal gave the protesting students two options, go back to class or leave. Some students chose the latter. One senior told us he was suspended for three days and his diploma is being held just for participating. The school district spokesperson could not confirm that.

"When you find out a week before your school days are over and graduation that some of that stuff is being taken away from you or changed, like it's not fair," Saenz said.

A district spokesperson says that after Friday's protests, the issues have been solved and the changes to the graduation activities won't happen after all.

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