Principal at Southwest Early College Campus Resigns position

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Multiple sources tell NBC Action News the principal at Southwest Early College Campus resigned Friday.

Steve Scraggs was in charge at SWECC for four years. His reasons for leaving are unclear.

Doug Bolden will take over as principal.

However, the school experienced a major makeover this year. As part of the district's "right-sizing" plan to avoid bankruptcy, officials closed Westport High School and moved most of its students into SWECC. Its student body tripled.

A number of neighbors formed committees to support the transition, hoping to prevent any problems.

Last month, discipline issues at SWECC and a number of other schools led Superintendent Dr. John Covington to quickly open a new alternative program at Manual Tech.

Since then, sources say security issues improved then worsened.

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A spokesman for the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department says officers have been called to SWECC 50 times since school started in August.

Dr. Covington met with Scraggs and others about SWECC last Friday, sources say. After that meeting, Scraggs resigned, according to sources.

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