Proposed bill could do away with standardized teaching for Kansas students

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A bill proposed to the Kansas legislature could do away with standardized teaching. House Bill 2621 eliminates common core teaching, including evolutionary-friendly science classes.

Kansas adopted common core standards for math and science in 2010. Common core is a curriculum used by several states to make sure students can compete with each other around the nation.

Those in favor of the bill say this will give the State Board of Education control of what students are learning and avoid the federal governments behind the scenes input.

Administrators for the Kansas City, Kan., district, however, said common core is crucial to their students' success and don’t agree with what this could do for teaching in Kansas.

"We’re not going to let anything distract us from what our focus is,” Spokesperson for the KCK School District David Smith said. “We've got to get our kids prepared with college and career."

A similar, unsuccessful attempt was made last year.

The bill has been passed onto the committee on education. 

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