Public hearings begin on how to deal with unaccredited districts in Missouri

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri state education officials arrived in Kansas City on Wednesday to kick off four public hearings around the state planned to discuss how to deal with unaccredited districts.

First on the list is Kansas City, where officials met with the public Monday night at Paseo Academy , 4747 Flora Avenue, Kansas City, Mo. Teachers, residents and packed the auditorium for a heated meeting. 

The state is looking for any input on plans already on the table before they make the big decision that will directly impact the Kansas City Public School District .    

Some residents expressed they were ready for the district to be dismantled while others had faith in the progress of the district so far.

Feedback can be submitted online here:

The state board is considering a few different proposals on how to deal with unaccredited districts. One of the proposals came from the independent group CEE-Trust hired by the board and another from the Kansas City District itself.

The feedback will be taken into consideration as the State Board of Education makes its final decision in the next couple months.

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