Outgoing KCMSD superintendent John Covington offered job in Michigan

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A new statewide program in Michigan has announced they want a contract with Dr. John Covington to serve as their chancellor.

Covington is interviewing in an open session board meeting with Education Achievement System, which will take control of Michigan's lowest-performing schools.

Covington unexpectedly announced his resignation as superintendent of the Kansas City Missouri School District during a school board meeting on Wednesday.

EAS board members reviewed his application in a closed session Friday and formally announced him as their candidate when they came back into open session.

Kansas City Missouri School Board member Arthur Benson, who announced his resignation just minutes after board president Arick Leonard West informed the board of Covington's decision on Wednesday, says he has withdrawn his resignation and" feel(s) pain for having been ill-used by John Covington."

Benson said on Wednesday night, he had a conversation with Covington where he specifically asked if he was considering any open school district positions across the country.

"I said are there any other school districts that are open where you name is in contention? He said no," said Benson during a news conference Friday.

During that news conference, Benson stood side-by-side with school board president Airick Leonard West.  At one point, the two even put their arms around each other, wanting to show that they are no longer at odds and are now unified together.

"We are not without our governance problems, which I think now have been brought into focus," said Benson. "One good thing that could come from this is that it's united the board in our determination to solve those governance problems going forward so that we can have excellent administrative leadership."

West announced the school board's intention to move forward and continue to positive work that Covington has begun.

"We absolutely understand that the work that has to take place can and will be effectively continued by the senior leadership team," said West. "So all the progress that we've made, we will continue to make that progess.  Nothing is going to slow down."

Immediately following the news conference Friday, the Kansas City School District announced an emergency Board Meeting for 2 p.m. to "dicuss personnel matters."

The Education Achievement System will begin work next year when it takes control of Detroit schools that fall in that category.

Covington's last day as superintendent of the Kansas City Missouri School District is set for Sept. 23.

For more information about the Education Achievement System, visit: Michigan.gov

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