School district sets goal to get 12 out of 14 points that make up a school's accreditation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Hickman Mills School District has made great strides. Six months ago it was in trouble with state educators. Today, with nine of a possible 14 points, the district is fully accredited.

That's good, but not good enough.

Dr. Everlyn Williams, deputy superintendent of the district said, "We know we can do better so our goal is to receive 12-points by the end of the school year 2012."

To get those three points, it all starts in the classroom.

At Ruskin High School, everyone is learning what's at stake, especially the students.

"What we stress is hey we need you to perform on those end of the course exams so for us one of the ways we changed was we really began those discussions at the beginning of the year," said principal Chad Ryerson.

Improving scores in communications arts at the elementary school level, plus getting a bump in the secondary education math scores will all add up to the districts goal of 12-in 2012.

If that happens, Williams said it still won't be enough.

She said, "Then once we reach this goal, then we're going to move it on up cause our ultimate goal is to get 14."

The students, the teachers, and the administration all believe this is a very attainable goal.

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