School leaders provide support for Pembroke Hill students following crash

KANSAS CITY, MO - It was a tumultuous start to the school year for dozens of Pembroke Hill students.

The students, sixth grade girls from Pembroke Middle School, were on a field trip Tuesday when the bus they were in overturned near Bonner Springs.

Beth Bryant, Director of Communications for Pembroke Schools, said school leaders from Bonner Springs High school stepped in to help.

"We're so grateful to the people of the Bonner Springs High School, because they opened up their doors and they provided anything we could think of, including some of their staff some of their counselors," she said. "Their food services people opened up their kitchen and let the people have snacks and drinks. We can't thank them enough."

Four children remain in the hospital after Wednesday's bus crash near Bonner Springs. They are expected to go home by the end of the day.

Most of the 22 children hurt only suffered minor injuries. Two of the girls received treatment in the pediatric intensive care unit. The bus driver is in serious, but stable condition.

Highways Patrol officials believe the bus lost control going around a curve.

Thursday morning all middle school students gathered for a special assembly in Hall Student Center. Bryant said counselors were on hand to help students cope. 

"If you need time to be alone, we'll make that happen," she said. "If you need time to talk to your friends, we'll make that happen. If you need to call home, we'll make that happen."

Bryant said 19 of the 22 girls that were injured attended the assembly Thursday morning. She said some had small, but visible cuts and bruises.

The sixth grade class spent the day participating in camp activities. The students were nine miles away from Tall Oaks Campground when they crashed.


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