Vanya Shivashankar and Jordan Hoffman advance to semifinals in National Spelling Bee

WASHINGTON D.C. - The full list of semifinalists in the 2012 National Spelling Bee was announced Wednesday evening, and two of our Kansas City area competitors are moving on.

The Scripps Bee announced on Twitter that Vanya Shivashankar is one of the 50 semifinalists this year. They also announced that she was the only speller out of 278 contestants to get a perfect score on the round one test!

Vanya's older sister Kavya was the winner of the 2009 National Spelling Bee.

Jordan Hoffman also advanced to the semifinals. He correctly spelled egress and pharmacology on Wednesday.

Our two other area spellers were Grant Pace , and Jacob Longmeyer .

Pace spelled minacious and cochleariform correctly in rounds two and three. Longmeyer correctly spelled pernicious gymkhana.

The semifinalists were chosen based on total scores from rounds one, two and three. Spellers got one point for each correct word on the round one written test and three points for each correct word in rounds two and three.

You can find the full list of semifinalists at

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