Shortening vacations to get out of school on time

Snow days forcing teachers into a vote

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Schools face a pile of snow days as high as the snow pile on the side of the roads right now. All those days off of school are forcing some districts to make some tough decisions as they now face the cold reality of a potentially longer school year.

On Tuesday, the Independence School District will ask its teachers if it should cut spring and Easter vacation time a day short so students can end the school year on time. Teachers will answer by a vote.

Independence students have taken six days off because of the winter weather.
If teachers agree to shorten vacation time, like they did last year, students won't have to still be in school after Memorial Day.

"I'd rather sacrifice Spring Break so you can have a longer summer, that's my opinion. Longer summers mean more play time and kids can enjoy themselves more and have more freedom as opposed to going and once they get toward that end of the year they start getting that itch of like 'I'm ready to get out,'" father Jason Laffler said, who spent the snow day at Bass Pro Shops with his family.

Raytown School District has had so many days off from school, its school year will now last until June 4 or 5.
The district will have to push its summer school start date back now to the second week in June.

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