St. Louis area school district on the verge of bankruptcy since Student Transfer Law

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - School districts around St. Louis lost accreditation last year now one district is on the verge of bankruptcy.

The Missouri Supreme Court upheld the Student Transfer Law Tuesday required unaccredited school districts like Kansas City to fund the transfer of its students who choose to attend neighboring districts.

This sparked debates on social media in and around Kansas City.

"Now the school district will never recover. Really dumb move," one commenter posted.

It's been a struggle for Normandy Schools outside of St. Louis. It's a smaller district compared to Kansas City with about 4,000 students.

Kansas City Public Schools have around 4 times as many kids.

Normandy lost accreditation in 2012 and students were given the option to transfer out. They lost 25 percent of their student body and the district pays $15 million a year.

They're on track to be bankrupt by March.

Still, some people think allowing students to leave the struggling district is a better option.

"Parents should have the right to choose what school they wish to send their kids to," Don Kraemer posted on the 41 Action News facebook page.

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