Experts say tablets are the way to go for students, have kid-friendly apps

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As students head back to school, the way they're doing homework assignments is changing.

Many districts and classrooms are going hi-tech; some are even posting and submitting projects online.

The way kids learn has significantly changed. 

“With smaller kids, like elementary age kids there are a lot of learning opportunities on tablets specifically,” Jason Minard, manager at Best Buy, said. “There are apps available for them that will teach them how to do math and help them with that type of thing, on top of just the ability to get information. I mean, my 9-year-old researches things that I never would have dreamed of, and she reads books on her iPad."

Experts said tablets are where it's at. They’re small, portable and students can download a ton of kid friendly learning apps. Plus, there are tablets that are aimed specifically for kids that allow parents to control what can be stored on them.

Samsung has a kid-friendly tablet. It has a sturdy bumper case and a kid mode which includes graphics that are picture based and easy for kids to see and read.

The iPad is also still very popular, and now you can have the iPad Air which is lighter. However, it’s nearly two times more expensive than the Samsung.

Chrome books are really popular with schools. It’s a small, often affordable laptop mainly aimed for working online.

But if all of this sounds very overwhelming, the best advice we received was keep it simple, but not as simple as paper and pencil. 

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