KCPS Superintendent predicts the district will regain accreditation soon

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Superintendent of Kansas City Public Schools is predicting that the district will regain accreditation soon.

Dr. Stephen Green said he is confident test scores from the spring will put the district in position to end two years of being unaccredited.

He said as soon as the test scores come in he is confident the numbers will be good, and he plans to immediately apply for accreditation. 

A Revised Tuition Transfer bill is sitting on Governor Jay Nixon's Desk.  If the Governor signs it, the measure would become law and unaccredited districts in Missouri would have to allow students to transfer.

Unaccredited districts would also be required to pay tuition to the receiving schools, which could be public or private charter schools. Unaccredited districts could lose thousands of dollars.

However, Dr. Green is not worried.

"We've very confident in the outcomes and the assessment results that will come forward and we expect to be out of the conversation around transfer and un-accreditation," Dr. Green explained.

This year Dr. Green said only 23 parents filed the paperwork to transfer their children out of KCPS.

If the Governor signs the School Transfer measure, it would take effect immediately.

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